Welcome back to Taya777’s article, this time we will learn about the entertainment game that is the top choice at casino games, as well as at our Taya777 Fishing game.

Play Taya777 Fishing Game with Jili

In the previous article, we also briefly informed you about the game publisher Jili. Today we will continue to send you some useful information about another game released by Jili, which has the most participation options and is the most popular today.

Jili is our golden partner in the Taya777 Fishing game segment. With 20 years of experience in the fishing game development industry, rich system and experience, they can easily develop different types of arcade shooting games, using HTML5 technology to support all types of arcade shooting games. player’s tracking device, allowing players to enjoy the fun of deep-sea hunting anytime, anywhere.

They delight everyone with their unique fishing game customizations, allowing their partners to become leaders in the fishing game industry.

Play Taya777 Fishing Game with Jili
Play Taya777 Fishing Game with Jili

The most exciting casino game – Taya777 Fishing Game

Taya777 Fishing Game is a kind of casual entertainment game with simple operations, picturesque images and rich content that makes fishing games more and more popular. With high-resolution graphics, it gives players the most realistic feeling possible on all types of login devices. You will be amazed at the level of accuracy in the games we offer. Fighting power and impressive gameplay will let you experience a perfect fishing game here!

Taya777 Fishing Game, an extremely addictive gameplay

Taya777 Fishing Game, with extremely addictive gameplay. This is a fish shooting game with weapons. In the game, players will search for fish to shoot in the ocean. The gameplay is simple and simple, just use the mouse or finger to move the gun direction to target many different types of underwater creatures, then Click on the object you want to catch.

You can choose to combine different types of weapons to shoot different sea creatures for different methods and types of attacks! The player can change the position of the gun to be able to hunt the targets the player is aiming for. With beautiful scenery, realistic physical collision interface and smooth background music, it gives players a new feeling.

Easy ways to play Taya777 Fishing Game

To fix mistakes as well as improve your ability to win Taya777 Fish Game. Please refer to the following ways to play fishing games:

Easy ways to play Taya777 Fishing Game
Easy ways to play Taya777 Fishing Game

Shoot fish in groups

Fish in groups are easier to shoot. Just need 4-5 bullets, shot into the middle of the fish, so you can shoot a lot of fish easily.

Single fish shooting

In contrast to shooting fish in groups, the concentration of shooting single fish is higher. You should use a small powerful gun to aim at a single target. It takes about 6-7 bullets until the fish dies.

Shoot big fish

Big fish such as sharks, giant squids, giant crabs, mermaids, golden dragons, etc. are types with high rewards. You should focus on shooting at these creatures to gain hundreds to thousands of points for yourself.

Shoot big fish

Use the right weapon

One of the most important ways to play fishing games is to use the right weapon, promptly and powerfully enough. For each different type of sea creature, you should flexibly use different types of guns and bullets. High-end weapons should only be used on targets with high rewards.

Shoot your whiskers

Use the most destructive firepower to shoot at the target continuously. Shoot until you defeat the sea creature to receive a reward.

Shoot with marbles

Use a gun to shoot bullets at the wall so that the bullets bounce back in the other direction, the bullets have higher power. That is also the way to create targets that are continuously shot from all directions. This way both saves money and saves a lot of money.


Instead of just focusing on shooting at one target, let’s shoot continuously at many other targets at the same time. This method can shoot a lot of fish but requires the player to spend a lot of time and capital.

Shoot as soon as the fish appears

As soon as the fish appears, shoot right away to catch the target and receive the reward.

Say no to automatic fish shooting

Don’t use the automatic fish shooting mode, but use your skills to shoot fish. Only then will the game become more interesting, your shooting skills will improve and the number of fish you can shoot will increase.

How to join Taya777 Fishing Game

To be able to play Taya777 Fishing Game’s hot games, players need to be a member of Taya777. To participate, you need to create a gaming account here. There are 2 ways for you to create an account to become a member of Taya777.

Instructions for participation

The first way is through Taya777’s homepage website. The second way is to participate through App Taya777.

Either way, you can register for an account simply with the following steps:

Step 1: Click to register an account
Step 2: Fill in basic information (Phone number, password, or you can register by linking your Facebook account).
Step 3: Check, confirm information and complete registration.

After creating your account, return to the main screen to log in to the account you just created. A new account still cannot help you start playing the game, because at this time your account does not have money to bet.

The last step to start playing the game is to deposit money into the game account because this is a betting game. You deposit money using the payment methods that Taya777 has integrated, choose the method that best suits you. After completing the deposit, you can participate in any game available at Taya777, and the most interesting game waiting for you to discover is Taya777 Fishing Game. Return to the main screen and select fishing game. Choose a game that you like best to participate.

Outstanding games at Taya777 Fishing Game

With the goal of bringing the most unique, authentic and trendy entertainment times to players. Taya777 Fishing Game has selected the most beautiful, unique, friendliest games with the easiest graphics and interface so that all participants can easily operate and enjoy the world of entertainment. own at Taya777.

Some Taya777 fishing games

Some games Taya777 fishing offers:

Jili Fish: Mega fishing, Jackpot fishing, Royal fishing, Happy fishing, Bombing fishing,…

JDB fish: Caishen fishing, Dragon fishing, Fishing yilufa, Five dragons fishing,….

FC fish: Fierce fishing, Monkey king fishing, Star hunter, Bao chuan fishing, FA chai fishing,…

YL fish: New fishing season, Jackpot fishery, Shark hunter, Fishing 2, Shark,….

Please experience our wonderful Taya777 Fishing Game

The great combination of Taya777 and the world-class Jili platform will bring you a one-of-a-kind fishing game experience, Taya777 Fishing Game allows players to enjoy our games in an easy, simple way. Simple and accessible on any device you choose. With more control than ever within your private security platform, you have the freedom to manage your private operations how you want, when you want.

Above are the ways to play Taya777 Fishing Game that we want to send to you, hoping that everyone will have fun entertainment hours, double the joy of both entertainment and additional rewards. Hopefully through this article everyone can win a lot with this interesting game.

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