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Mahjong Way2 At Taya777

Introducing Mahjong Ways 2 – Slot Game Taya777

Mahjong Ways 2 is inspired by their first mahjong game – “Mahjong Ways”. Mahjong is a game of Chinese origin, created from the wisdom of ancient Chinese people. A classic Chinese game, it started as cards made of paper. I don’t know when it became the cards made of hard material like they are today.

Mahjong sets in the past were often made of wood or bone, but the cards of the rich, aristocratic, and royal families were made of ivory. Up to now, most are made of PVE or PVC plastic. The cards are stamped and painted by machine, the special cards are engraved by hand.

No matter what material it is made of or how it is crafted, mahjong cards must still meet the following basic requirements: square, regular, flawless, durable, and make a pleasant sound when impacted. together.

Mahjong Ways 2 – Casino Bonuses

In the current era of computer technology, working time is more, entertainment time is less, and people no longer have enough time to gather together to play games like this. So PG SOFT has launched the current Mahjong Ways 2 product. Satisfy everyone’s passions, giving everyone leisure time with their favorite games. So Mahjong Ways2 Slot appeared and many people chose to play at Taya777.

Mahjong Ways 2 – Slot game Taya777 and interesting things

It’s time to show off your amazing skills! Mahjong Ways 2 is a 5-reel, 4-row video slot that features switching Wild symbols and free spins with increasing multipliers.

Get 12 free spins by triggering the free spins feature when 3 Scatter symbols appear anywhere. Each additional Scatter symbol will trigger 2 more free spins!

Additionally, during the free spins feature, all wins can be multiplied up to an x10 multiplier.

Some things to know when playing Mahjong Ways 2 in Taya777’s slot game

Players have about 20 basic betting ways, equivalent to 1024 fixed winning lines. Bet levels range from 1 to 10, the minimum bet is 0.10 and the maximum is 2.50

Bet level is adjusted at +/-.

The player’s bet amount is adjusted at ‘Bet Amount’.

The player’s available bet amount is displayed in “Cash Wallet”.

The “auto-spin” feature helps players participate in a few pre-selected rounds.

Based on the payout table, the system will give winning results and payout according to the odds.

Players can refer to the “paytable” to choose the bet level and bet size.

Mahjong ways 2 – paytable

If the winning symbols move consecutively from left to right, the player can win.

The total number of winning bets for each symbol is calculated by multiplying the number of adjacent winning symbols per symbol from the leftmost reel to the right.

The winning symbol payout is multiplied by the number of winning bets.

During the betting process, wins with different betting methods will be added.

All winning symbols will explode after the system pays out for each betting round. Next, the symbols above will fall, creating a new round.

The system will add additional winning combinations that will be calculated for each round until there are no more winning combinations to be calculated.

On reels 2, 3, and 4 the Gol Plated symbol will appear.

The free spins feature is organized based on bet size and bet level.

Some icons and features of Mahjong Ways 2 at Taya777

Gold Plated symbol

At any spin of the game, except for Scatter symbols, all remaining symbols will appear in gold on reels 2, 3, and 4.

At each new round after the new symbols have cascaded, any gold-plated symbols that were associated with wins in the previous round will be converted into Wild symbols.


During any given spin, all wins will be multiplied by the multipliers shown above the spins, starting with x1 on the first spin.

Any win in the first round will increase the multiplier of the 2nd round by x2.

Any win in the 2nd round will increase the 3rd round’s multiplier by x3.

Any win in the 3rd round will increase the 4th round’s multiplier by x5.

Free Spin Features

The free spins feature with 12 rounds is activated if 3 Scatter symbols appear.

Mahjong Ways 2 free spins feature

There are 2 additional free spins triggered if the system adds a Scatter symbol.

The number of reels in the free spins features is x2, x4, x6, and x10 respectively.

The huge jackpot prize of 100,000x bet.

Gilded symbols turn into wilds that deliver bigger and better wins.

Players can re-trigger free spins.

The Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols, except the Scatter symbol.

The Gold Plated symbol only appears on reels 2, 3, and 4.

More impressed with the Mahjong Ways 2 Demo account

For players to easily adapt and get used to the game, game publisher PG has provided an additional version of Mahjong Ways 2 Slot Demo so players can experience the best game, guaranteed to help them win easily.

Mahjong Ways 2 Demo

Mahjong Ways Demo impresses anyone with beneficial information for players. To please everyone, PG offers exclusive services for you to enjoy for free for 24 hours, through a free demo account.

A demo account helps you experience and verify this game most clearly, letting you know the profitable features, and showing you the huge bonuses that the game can bring you. Create the feeling of happiness and have the perfect entertainment time when you know how the game works before actually participating.

How to play Mahjong Ways 2 at Taya777

Mahjong Ways 2 is a set of reels measuring 4x5x5x5x4. Increased ways to win from the original 1,204 ways to 2,000 ways to win so players can have more chances to win in this version.

You need to land three matching symbols on adjacent reels. These wins need to start from the leftmost reel first, you should keep this in mind when participating.

Cascading rolls

The cascading reel mechanism is activated after a win is made in the playing field. Win when the links are connected, the game will remove the won symbols and continue to drop many new symbols from above, randomly dropped symbols will reward additional wins. win next. These cascades, also known as spin lines, will continue until you are unable to connect a new winning combination.


Above the reels, you will see multiplier values numbered x1, x2, x3 and x5. Each new spin takes place, the initial value will be x1. Every successful win you achieve will see your multiplier increase by one level. If you don’t win the multiplier will be reset to x1.

Multiplier values in Mahjong Ways 2

Instructions for participating in Mahjong Ways 2 at Taya777

To explore the world of Mahjong Way2 casino bonuses you must be a member of Taya777. If you want to become a member of Taya777, you have two ways to join:

The first way is through Taya777’s homepage website. The second way is through the App Taya777.

Either way, you can register for an account simply with the following steps:

Step 1: Click to register an account

Step 2: Fill in basic information as required (Phone number, password,…)

Step 3: Check and confirm the information.

After creating your account, return to the home screen to log in to the account you just created, using the registered information to log in. A new account still cannot help you start participating in the game, because your account currently has no money to bet.

The last step to start participating is to deposit money into the game wallet because this is a reward-betting game.

You can choose a suitable deposit port that Taya777 has integrated. After depositing money, return to the home page, select Slot, then select the PG betting lobby and find the Mahjong Ways 2 game icon there.

Mahjong Ways 2 – Slot game Taya777

You can completely review your bet history, bet amount, and winning amount at bet history.

Mahjong Ways 2 Slot review final thoughts

Mahjong Ways 2 is a complete success, with superior graphics and overall gameplay compared to its predecessor, more ways to win, a high RTP, and a max win of 100,000 times.

With the 2-slot Mahjong Ways version, players have more betting options. Although it is an online game, it still clearly shows Chinese culture. In-game features, sound, and high payouts make more players choose to participate.

At Taya777, there are many other Slot Games that are equally attractive and high quality. Everyone, please quickly register an account and log in. Discover hundreds of comfortable games for you to choose from.

Will you be the next Mahjong King? Show off your mahjong skills now!


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