Welcome to our Taya777, today we will explore the vast ocean with you, a colorful and interesting deep sea world through the top entertainment game Mega Fishing released by Jili Game the world’s leading online entertainment company.

Let’s learn together about this game that pleases millions of demanding customers!

What is Mega Fishing Game?

Mega Fishing Game was recently selected to be included in Taya777, creating a new generation of fish shooting games, being the top priority choice of many participants.

Mega Fishing is a fish shooting game with classic gameplay but very interesting when Jili improves and develops additional features to support new players.

Experience the ultimate Mega Fish on your device. Catch huge creatures while cruising the sea!

Relax and focus on the vast ocean, colorful seabed with a beautiful design that will take you into your undersea world.

But the giant creatures of Mega Fishing will bring you record-high rewards, you will receive huge rewards when hunting these sea monsters.

With countless creatures with different rewards waiting for you to discover, read the next section to learn how to participate and hunt huge monsters to receive great rewards with Taya777!

Mega Fishing Game

Instructions for participating in Mega Fishing

To explore the ocean world of Mega Fishing, you must be a member of Taya777. If you want to become a member of Taya777, you have two ways to join:

The first way is through Taya777’s homepage website. The second way is through the App Taya777.

Either way, you can register for an account simply with the following steps:

Step 1: Click to register an account

Step 2: Fill in basic information as required (Phone number, password,…)

Step 3: Check and confirm the information.

After creating your account, return to the home screen to log in to the account you just created, using the registered information to log in. A new account still cannot help you start participating in the game, because your account currently has no money to bet.

The last step to start participating is to deposit money into the game wallet because this is a reward-betting game.

You can choose a suitable deposit port that Taya777 has integrated. After depositing money, return to the home page, select the fishing game, and then select Mega Fishing.

You can completely review your bet history, bet amount, and winning amount at bet history.

Mega Fishing Rules

Jili Game has divided each optional level in Mega Fishing. With three game halls to suit each player’s betting needs.

Newbie Room: Bet 0.1 – 10 suggested for Newbie suggested.

Honor Room: Bet 10 – 100 is recommended for High rewards.

Joy Room: Bet 1 – 100 recommended for Most popular.

In particular, to help players easily integrate into the ocean world, Jili Game also allows players to choose to test the game, get familiar with the game, and then bet with real money.

A special arsenal of weapons is provided in the game to help you destroy terrible monsters:

Torpedo: If you use a torpedo, you will be deducted an amount equal to six times your bet. Torpedoes provide a higher chance of catching (points are calculated based on the original coefficient).

Railgun: Using an electromagnetic cannon to attack will deduct 15 times your bet. You will have a chance to receive a free diffused Lazer, randomly attacking the above fish that appears on the screen.

Free Thunder: Energy will be accumulated. Click the button to summon lightning and cause an AoE attack when it’s full.

Energy will be converted according to the staking rate and discharged according to the current staking level. Energy will be released once the discharge is complete.

After 3 minutes of game disconnection or you leave the game, the energy will be removed.

Freezing: Using ice will reduce the player’s money by 30 times the bet, but in return, the player can freeze all creatures on the screen to destroy the boss.

Mega Fishing Rules

Prize exchange table at Mega Fishing

Jili Game has set up an extremely attractive reward table for Mega Fishing, a flexible and attractive reward system with exciting low to high reward levels.

Check out the bonus points with Taya777:

Small-sized fish including small blue angelfish, puffer fish, jellyfish, devil-faced fish, green turtle, and small red octopus give rewards ranging from 2 times, 3 times to 7 times 8 times the bet.

Medium-large sized fish:

Red crayfish: bonus x10 times the bet.

Lamp fish: bonus x12 times the bet.

Swordfish: bonus x15 times the bet.

Blue Stingray: bonus x25 times the bet.

Golden fish:

Little fish: bonus x40 times the bet.

Golden clownfish: bonus x45 bet.

Golden jellyfish: bonus x50 times the bet.

Golden stingray: bonus x55 times the bet.

Giant fish are large-sized fish. When these large fish appear, if you can hunt them, the reward you will receive will be as big as their size. And also have a chance to receive x5 rewards.

Prize exchange table at Mega Fishing

Giant clownfish: reward ranges from x20 to x25 times the bet. The bonus level will be different in different rooms. If you are in a VIP room, the bonus rate can range from 100 to 125 times.

Giant angel fish: reward ranges from x25 to x30 times the bet. The bonus level will be different in different rooms. If you are in a VIP room, the bonus rate can range from 125 to 150 times.

Giant puffer fish: reward ranges from x30 to x35 times the bet. The bonus level will be different in different rooms. If you are in a VIP room, the bonus rate can range from 150 to 175 times.

Functional fish are a group of fish that, in addition to the bonus when you hunt them, can also receive other uses:

Starfish: after being destroyed, the starfish will create a whirlpool to help players have the opportunity to trap fish within a certain range. Starfish also brings a bonus of 60 times the bet.

Bomb Crab: After being destroyed, you will receive a torpedo weapon effect in three areas so you have the opportunity to catch fish inside. This creature also brings a bonus of 70 times the bet.

Drill Crab: When you hunt this crab, it will release many projectiles that go through the school of fish, eventually exploding and allowing you to catch fish within the explosion range. This creature has a bonus that multiplies 20 to 80 times the bet.

Types of sea monsters have the best rewards at Mega Fishing

Mega Fishing has powerful sea monsters with high reward values. Please follow closely to bring yourself great bonuses!

At the top of that list is the Mega Octopus, which belongs to the group of eternal monsters. When you catch the Mega octopus, you will receive a lucky spin. When you receive multiples during the spin, you will receive the corresponding bonus.

High rewards range from 100 to 950 times the bet amount.

Types of sea monsters have the best rewards at Mega Fishing

When you receive the Golden Wheel, you will immediately activate the golden spin, you will have the opportunity to receive spins with higher coefficients with the highest winning coefficient being 950 times the bet.

Giant Crocodile: when you kill Giant Crocodile, it will activate the awakening attack to hunt and kill schools of fish full of glory. The more times you kill fish, the higher the reward.

This Giant Crocodile brings extremely attractive rewards from 150 times to 600 times the bet.

Gem Turtle: This creature has rewards ranging from 50, 60, and 70 times the bet in the Newbie Room, with VIP game rooms the rewards are 400, 480, and 560 times the bet.

Jaw: when you hunt this creature, the reward you receive is 60 to 120 times your bet.

Giant Anglerfish: this creature brings rewards from 80x to 320x the bet.

How to play Mega Fish and win easily

How to play Mega Fish and win easily

When participating in Mega Fishing, players should learn the game principles and rules of this game.

When you refer to the principles and rules of the game, it will help you better understand the game, know what types of fish you should hunt, how much to bet and reward, and hunting sea monsters will also become more exciting.

Juli Game has integrated an arsenal of weapons to support players in hunting monsters, so you should consider choosing the most suitable weapon to hunt these monsters to bring back attractive rewards.

Join Taya777 to explore Mega Fishing now

Join Taya777 to explore Mega Fishing now

Mega Fishing is a game with an attractive and reasonable interface and layout, but you need to practice regularly to get acquainted with the creatures in this vast, mysterious sea world.

This game is considered a new fish shooting game in terms of gameplay and reward table.

Among the must-have features of Fishing Game, Juli also integrates many new features to make the game more interesting. The bonuses that players receive are also higher.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up and explore right away with us.

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