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In this era of advanced technology, countless mobile and computer games are available for entertainment. However, Tongits Online is undoubtedly one of the most impressive games that has undergone a significant transformation. Taya777 will show you interesting knowledge about this gambling game in this article. 

What kind of game is Tongits Online?

Tongits is a popular card game that originated in the Philippines and is similar to 3-player Rummy. To play Real Tongits Online, you need a standard deck of 52 Western cards and 3 players. The objective of the game is to be the first player to get rid of all your cards or have the lowest score at the end of the game. Each card in Tongits has a specific value, with face cards worth 10, number cards having a corresponding numerical value, and Aces worth 1.

To play Tongits, each player is dealt 13 cards, and the remaining cards are placed in a draw pile. Players take turns picking up a card from the draw pile or the discard pile and then discarding one card. The game continues until a player has successfully gotten rid of all their cards or the draw pile runs out.

To win in Tongits, players need to create combinations of cards. A combination is a set of 3 or more identical cards or 3 or more cards of the same suit in a sequence. For example, a combination could be three Aces, or a sequence of 3, 4, 5 of hearts. Players can also add their cards to other players’ combinations, known as “melding”, by putting down 1 or more cards that match that combination.

In Tongits, there are four ways to win – having the lowest score, calling “Tongit” with one card left, and calling “Tie” with the same points. Finally, players can challenge the “Tie” call if they think their opponent has made a mistake in their score calculation. Overall, Tongits is an exciting and challenging game that requires strategy and skill to win.

What kind of game is Tongits Online?

The basic concepts of Tongits Online

Tong-its is an interesting and unique game that belongs to the Rummy family of games. It is a three-player game and the inability to add or subtract players from the game makes it unique and challenging. In this detailed tutorial, we will explain the basic concepts of the game.

Tongits Online game rules

To start the game, the dealer must be chosen randomly. It can be done by rolling a dice, and the highest roll determines the dealer, or drawing cards from the deck, with the highest-ranked card determining the dealer. In case of ties, a second roll or draw is taken. Once the dealer is chosen, they deal 12 cards to each of the two non-dealing players and 13 cards to themselves.

The remaining cards in the deck are then placed face-down in the center of the play area, forming the “stock” pile. The game officially begins when the dealer discards one of their 13 cards, creating the first card of the “discard” pile. It is important to note that the dealer cannot meld or discard during their first turn. The player counterclockwise to the dealer will then begin their first turn.

How to play Tongits Online

At the start and end of each player’s turn, they must draw one card from the stockpile and discard one card to the discard pile, respectively. In between their turns, players, and dealers will make melds and sets. Melds are specific collections of cards, like the popular hands of Poker. A set is adding cards onto an existing meld that is already on the board.

In Tongits, each card has a particular point value, and the points are assigned to a player’s total score only at the end of the game. It is important to note that the cards that are still in a player’s hand when the game ends will be counted towards their total score. The player with the highest score wins the game.

Tongits Online is a unique and exciting game that requires strategy, skill, and a bit of luck. With this detailed tutorial, you should be able to understand the basic concepts of the game and start playing right away.

How to play Tongits Online

Claim your victory on the Tongits Online game  

In a game of Tongits, the objective is to have the lowest total points in your hand to win. When it comes to tallying point values, there are several ways in which the game can end with specific rules that may vary depending on the region or group playing the game.

The stock-out method in Tongits Online

When playing a Tongits Online game of cards, there are several ways to end the game. One such method is known as a “stock-out.” This happens when there are no more cards left in the stock, and all the cards have been drawn. When a stock-out occurs, the game instantly ends, and the players proceed to calculate their scores.

It’s worth noting that the last player to draw a card during a stock-out situation won’t have the opportunity to play any melds or sets on that turn, which can be a disadvantage if they were planning to use the remaining cards to score points.

Tung-it method

Another way to win a Tongits Online game is through a move called “Tung-it.” This happens when a player’s hand is empty, and they declare “Tung-it” after they place down their final card. By doing so, the player who declares Tung-it automatically wins the game, and their point value for the tally will be zero. It’s important to note that a player must declare Tung-it immediately after placing down their last card, or else it won’t count as a valid move.

Tung-it method

Draw method

The “Draw” is another way to end a game of cards. Although the name may suggest that the game will end in a tie, it merely indicates that this is a possibility. The game of cards can be concluded in various ways, including by reaching a predetermined point total or when the deck runs out of cards. However, the Draw is a voluntary method used when a player believes they have the lowest value of cards.

To initiate a Draw, a player can declare it at any point during the game. Still, it is generally considered discourteous to do so at the beginning of the game unless it’s a Double Hit. When a Draw is declared, the other players have two options. Firstly, they can concede by folding, acknowledging that they likely have a higher card value than the player who declared the Draw. Secondly, they can challenge the Draw, and each player will tally their points. The winner of the challenge will be the player with the lowest point total. The Draw is a risky strategy, and it requires a careful evaluation of the cards held by all players.

A player can only challenge a Draw if they have played at least one meld or hold the “secret.” The secret is a four-of-a-kind or a set of all four cards of a specific rank. If a player holds the secret, they can declare a challenge to the Draw. Challenging a Draw is a calculated risk because a player who loses the challenge will lose the game, and the winning player will gain their points.

A player who lacks any melds on the board or the four-of-a-kind and cannot challenge a Draw is considered “Burned.” Being Burned is a disadvantage because the player cannot win in the case of a stock-out, even if they have the lowest point total. A player who is Burned is usually at a significant disadvantage, and their chances of winning the game decrease considerably.

Draw method

Double Hit method

In this game, players aim to form sets of three or more cards of the same rank or sequence. One of the most interesting mechanics in Tongits is the Double Hit, which is drawn from Mahjong.

The Double Hit is a rare and exciting game mechanic in Tong-its. To achieve a Double Hit, a player must meld and set their all 12-card hand without drawing or discarding, right after the dealer discards. Once a player has achieved this, they are considered a Double Hit. This is an instant win, and any wager they owe is paid out immediately.

In Tong-its, games are typically played in sets of two. Each whole “match” consists of two games of play, with the winner of the whole match being the lowest scorer in the overall match. In the event of a Tongit or Double Hit, the player’s score for that round will be recorded as 0. Double Hit is an instant win, and the player doesn’t need to complete the round. 

Double Hit is a challenging and exciting mechanic that adds a new dimension to Tongits. While it’s difficult to achieve, it’s worth striving for, as it can result in an instant victory for the player who is lucky enough to achieve it.

Detailed notes for playing Tongits Online

When playing Tongits Online, players need to pay attention to the following rules to ensure a fair and interesting game of Tong-its.

  1. At the beginning of the game, players are not allowed to declare ‘Draw’ without playing any melds or sets. This is because it is considered against the unofficial rules and rude. You can only declare ‘Draw’ when it is your turn.
  2. Every player must draw one card at the beginning of their turn and discard one card at the end of their turn. This rule is applicable for every turn unless a player ends the game without discarding a card.
  3. The dealer is also considered a player once the game starts. The dealer has the responsibility to shuffle the deck and distribute the cards among the players.
  4. Players are allowed to meld or set as many times as they can during their turn. However, they cannot meld or set during another player’s turn.
  5. Unlike other Rummy games, Tong-its does not have any wild cards. Therefore, players cannot use any card as a substitute for another card.
  6. Aces can be used as either high or low cards for melds, but they are only worth one point in the hand at the end of the game. This makes Aces very versatile and low-risk cards.
Detailed notes for playing Tongits Online

Strategy and Tips for playing Tongits Online

In the game of Tongits, there are no wild cards, so to make a meld, you must have every copy of the required meld. It is also important to note that the setting relies on your opponents, and only a setting without melding can lead to being Burned. Therefore, try to get your first meld out as quickly as possible.

Since a card must be drawn at the start of each turn, a game of Tong can last for no longer than 17 hands. This means that you will only have 7 or 8 turns in which to try and empty your hand before Stock-Out occurs.

Holding onto a Secret, or a complete Four of a Kind in your hand, can be a good strategy against players who frequently declare Draw. This Secret will bait them into declaring Draw, while you will be allowed to play those cards before the tally. This will make your result appear larger than if they declared a Draw.

Strategy and Tips for playing Tongits Online

Tongits Online Free Now on the app version

Today you can reach Tongits Online Play completely free on mobile applications. You can enjoy the thrill of Tongits Online card game with its eye-catching and attractive interface. What’s more, you can install and play anywhere and anytime with extreme flexibility.

The game Tongits Go Casino Online has been developed on both IOS and Android platforms and players can choose the appropriate version to download. Regarding payment for deposits and withdrawals, players can completely use Gcash – popular in the Philippines. Tongits Casino Online Gcash is an important connection for us to help players have easier access and peace of mind when dealing with.


To sum up, Taya777 is so happy that we can share our insight about Tongits Online. This is truly an interesting gambling game that you definitely cannot miss. Hopefully, bettors can apply this knowledge to have better experiences and win huge bonuses with this gambling game.

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